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Outlook - Subfolders directly under Inbox

We organise our emails in folders and subfolders in Outlook. Previously it was not possible to create a subfolder directly under inbox for Hermes accounts. The recent version of Outlook 2016 has made it possible. However, Hermes still does not support such subfolders. Therefore, these folders and emails in them are stored on local computers. As we do not backup local computers, in case of computer failure these emails will be destroyed. Secondly, our Office 365 migration tool transfers emails directly from Hermes. Since these emails are not stored in Hermes, they will not be migrated.

So please DO NOT create subfolders directly under Inbox. If you have already created them then please move them to the main tree as soon as possible. You may also ask the IT Office to move these folders for you.

Click here to see a short video on this issue

Click here to see normal behaviour of Outlook 2016

A new menu item added for the "Cloud Migration project"